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2005 Reunion

Nursing School graduates help identify photographs in the Archives during the 2005 Reunion

This couple is enjoying a nursing display case at the Archives

Miss Heinzerling cut-out for the reunion

Dianne Johnson, archivist, takes notes while two alumnae describe photographs

A tour of the archives

More photograph identification in the Archives

Lucille Cain Hartman display case, designed especially for the 2005 reunion

Lucille Cain Hartman display case

Lucille Cain Hartman display case

Lucille Cain Hartman display case

Photograph identification at the reunion

NCBH School of Nursing display case

Nursing display case

Nursing display case

Nursing display case

Nursing display case

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Nursing Textiles

Nurse's cap

NCBH nurse's cape

1950s student nurse uniform

1950s student nurse uniform

Nurse cadet jacket

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1970 graduating class



1974 Graduation, the last class

Class of 1971

From left to right: Brenda Joyce McClure, ?, Cynthia Rae Michael, Susan Minda Caldwell, ?, Mary Ann McNeil (Phillips)

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Class of 1967

Class of 1965

Class of 1964

Class of 1962

Class of 1965

From left to right: Pat Beck, Pam Rotlee, Sally Eaker, Instructor Ms. Drash

Class of 1964 members, L to R: Sue Edwards, Anne Suggs, Jenny Ferebee

Class of 1964 Graduation

L to R: Judy Taylor Howard, Sylvia Thompson, Sue Milburne, Macy Lookabill, Judy Lavendar, Pat McGinnis, Jo Pickler

Class of 1964

Second from left: Ann Sellers Koontz, Joyce Warren, Anne Pulliam Harrison

Class of 1964 Recap. Memories and Reflections From the North Carolina Baptist Hospital School of Nursing. 2nd Edition. August 20, 1964


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Class of 1959 pool party on August 15, 1959. It was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Andrews one day before graduation.

Class of 1959 pool party

Class of 1959

Class of 1958

Front row L to R: Judy Souther Cain, Pat Smith Dibbi, Dorcas McQuire, Billie Honeycutt Back row L to R: Carol Bunch, Nancy Courtier, Sue Whitfield Stone, Jean Surrat, Jane Kennerly

Class of 1958

Class of 1955

second from left: Sarah West

1955 Spring Follies

Class of 1955, Blanche Barrus Nurses Home Living Room

L to R on sofa: Joanne Bradley Phillips, Michal Henderson Wilson, Peggy Ward Simpson



L to R: Joyce Warren (Director), Helen Elrod, Texie Brown


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Class of 1947

Class of 1946

1949 Winston-Salem's 100th Anniversary Parade

The float reads: Baptist Hospital & School of Nursing 1923-1949. On the front of the float is Lucia Shirley.

1949 Parade

1949 Parade

1949 Parade, 5th Street

1946-1947 hematology

Class of 1947 graduation

Left: Eveyln Holden Shackelford Right: Ernie Lewis

1944-45, Wikle Collection

Class of 1941. L to R: Annie Lee Casstevens, Marie Compton, Juanita Carter

Members of the Class of 1941.

Members of the Class of 1941

Class of 1941. Annie Lee Casstevens and Altha Smith.


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Class of 1937

Class of 1936

Left to Right: Kate Allred, Mary Jo Drake Brookbank, Catherine Utley Bynam, Alma Motley Anderson

Class of 1934

Row 1: Glady Lee, Ruby Stokes, Miss Heinzerling, Frances McAllister, Opal Furches / Row 2: Myrtle Cooper, Frances Hudson, Ruth Dees, Lou Burleson, Mildred Reaves / Row 3: Louise Ledford, Annie Laura Dry, -- Haigh, Ruby Hasting

Class of 1933

L to R: Mary Carter Kirk, Rosa Scarce Hall, Helen Gentry Ferebee, Josephene Adams Pierce, Mary Carter Fulton, Miss Heinzerling, Sara Fritts (mascot), Katherine Seckler Glosson, Christine Bobbitt Cox, Emily Matthews Johnson, Ruth Luper, Eleen Crutchfield

Class of 1932

Back row L to R: Ruby Jenkins Stainback, Pauline Binkley Jacobson, Thelma Lloyd Stroud, Elsie Lee Dall, Mary Taylor Maddrey. Front row L to R: Lucille Cain Hartman, Edna L. Heinzerling, Mabel Meece

Lucille Cain Hartman (class of 1932) standing outside Baptist Hospital

Lucille Cain Hartman ('32) standing outside of the Blanche Barrus nurse's home

From the Hartman Collection, two nurses stand outside of the nurse's home in snow

Lucille Cain Hartman ('32) on left

Lucille Cain Hartman ('32)

Class of 1933's 40th Reunion (7 out of 9 nurses); in the center is Miss Heinzerling

Class of 1933's 40th Reunion

Wright, Miss Heinzerling, McAllister

Class of 1933 40th Reunion

Ramseur, White, Booe, L. Gentry


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Class of 1928

Class of 1926, the first graduating class

Left: Juanita Hayes Marshall ('28)

Far Right: Lucia Shirley ('27)

Left: Juanita Hayes Marshall ('28)

Right: Lucia Shirley ('27)

Miss Lucia Shirley ('27)


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Kembly Inn, near the nurses' residence, faced Cloverdale Avenue and let the nurses use the pool. It was demolished in 1968.

From left to right: Arteve Smith, Darlene Hicks Armstrong, Judy Howard

Miss Ethel Shore, supervisor of the obstetrics floor at Baptist Hospital during the 1950s

Miss Joyce Warren ('63), Director of the nursing school from 1952 to 1973.

Miss Edna Heinzerling, first Director of NCBH School of Nursing. Miss Heinzerling passed away in 1977 at the age of 89.

Classroom scene sometime before 1969, as the student nurse uniform has not yet changed.



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