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Babcock Auditorium (1969)
Hanes (1969)
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Babcock Auditorium (1969)


The Charles H. Babcock Auditorium opened in 1969 in conjunction with the Hanes Building opening.  Babcock Auditorium is attached to Hanes Building and is located next to Alumni Plaza.

Babcock has a seating capacity of 400 people and totals 6,160 square feet of space.  The auditorium is the largest meeting hall at the Medical Center.  It was intended to be used for the educational needs of various medical center divisions and continuing education programs for physicians.

In this undated photograph, Babcock Auditorium is the white building on the right.  The glass connector connects the auditorium to Hanes Building.  The photographer was standing in Alumni Plaza for this photograph.

Charles Henry Babcock

Charles H. Babcock (1899-1967) was a native of Indiana, and did not move to Winston-Salem until 1949 where he and his wife, Mary Reynolds Babcock (daughter of R.J. Reynolds), made their home at Reynolda.  Charles Babcock made a career for himself in the banking and investment fields.  In 1931 he co-founded a successful brokerage and investment firm, Reynolds and Company. 

Although he was not originally from Winston-Salem, Charles H. Babcock took on many philanthropic activities in the community.  Some of these duties included president and treasurer of the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, vice president and treasurer of the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, trustee of the Nancy Reynolds Bagley Foundation, and vice president and director of Old Salem.  Charles Babcock also served in both World Wars.

Mr. Babcock was a member of the medical school's Board of Visitors from 1959-1960 and was a significant supporter of the university as a whole.

Hanes Building (1969)


Hanes Building was dedicated on March 21, 1970 in honor of the entire Hanes family of Winston-Salem.  The new five story facility added 122,000 square feet of space to the medical school, allowing for an increased enrollment of medical students in 1969.  Hanes offered twelve new multipurpose teaching laboratories as well as two large, modern lecture rooms.  A closed circuit television system was also installed for the first time in an effort to enhance teaching programs throughout the Medical Center.

This photograph clearly shows Hanes Building as taller than five stories.  In 1988 construction was completed on the Hanes Building that added an additional six stories and 130,000 square feet of more space.  The new addition included 16 special use laboratories, 76 multipurpose laboratories and 16 cold rooms.

Normally buildings are named after only one person, but in this case Hanes Building is named after the entire Hanes family.  The Hanes family has been a part of the Winston-Salem community for over 200 years.  Throughout their lives here, members of the family have been involved in the tobacco industry, textiles, education, and government positions.  The Hanes Building honors all that the family has done for the health of the area.



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